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Past Life Regression

For those of you with a more sceptical perspective, as well as those who are fully embracing of the concept of past lives and reincarnation please keep reading…

I discovered much to my surprise this area of study during my training to become a hypnotherapist. A bit “woo woo” for my then quite cynical, nuts and bolts view of the world, I was surprised that my very practical and “real world” training and learning about the unconscious mind and methods of addressing and facilitating psychological healing would have anything to do with such “metaphysical” matters.

But sure enough, I was led by my instructor into hypnosis and sure enough, I viewed (from an observer point of view) people, where they worked, how they dressed, when they lived etc etc…

I have since developed this area of my technical ability to facilitate others to have a similar experience. It’s really quite bizarre - and somehow not bizarre at all. What I’m saying is, the process WORKS.

I have conducted perhaps 150-200 of these sessions since completing my training and not only have people seen, heard and explored in great detail these past incarnations, there have been what appears to be great learning and healing from communication and resolution of issues experienced in previous lives that results in great emotional healing and improvement of wellbeing in “this life”.

Of course, some will say that it’s all “made up”, and if I’m honest, it’s quite conceivable that this is true. The mind COULD create metaphoric stories to explain an individual’s current and life struggles, of course it could.

However, I often ask myself “does it really matter”? I’m not so sure.

Whether these “lives” viewed are “real” or fabrications of the mind, the process is real, in that people experience observing SOMETHING. What is also beyond doubt is that the insight gained and the healing that often takes place for the person taking part in the session is very real.

Will it give you the answers to the meaning of life? Maybe, maybe not. That depends upon your own spiritual and philosophical world view. That is a belief, not a fact.

What IS real, is that past life regression is a thoroughly entertaining, hugely interesting and immensely powerful tool for healing.

Why not give it a try and see what happens….

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