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Client Testimonials

Having a therapy session with Edward Addison is like being in a mental emotions energetic oasis. I came away with peace a smile and clear head. Gemma and Edward are a dream team.

Angela Marshall

I had a hypnotherapy session with Edward last week it has made me get back on track with my weight loss and also gave me the confidence I needed thank you so much Edward would recommend u to anyone.

Sharon Brown

I had a session with Edward two weeks ago which I was super nervous about having! I never thought hypno would work for me but two weeks later it clearly has! It was such a pleasant and calm experience and has helped me let go of some things I didn’t even know was an issue! Thank you Edward.

Hannah Watson

I have just recently had hypnosis with Edward and to say I was nervous is an understatement but Edward has such a calming manner and voice and when he explained everything to me it helped calm me down.

The experience itself was such an amazing feeling, without going into details it has helped me so much. I’m much more positive, upbeat and also calmer and more peaceful in myself. I walked out feeling like a new person.

So can’t recommend edward enough, I will certainly go back.

Kerry Brown

Such a breath of fresh air! I cannot recommend Edward Addison enough. 

Rachel Hill

Arrived feeling very nervous having never had hypnosis before but was very quickly put at ease and left feeling super relaxed and ready to take on the world. Highly recommend a visit

Aileen Doogan

I had an amazing experience with Edward today at shades of grey would 100 percent recommend looking forward to my new journey.

Marion Nitsche

Went to Edward to for hypnosis and wow such an amazing experience… I will definitely be back.

Kerry Brown

…Edward is extremely down to earth and reassuring. It was easy to open up and confide in him. When you leave, that’s the not the end, Edward continues to offer support and wise words. I’ll definitely be back….

Emma Hedley

I received regression therapy from Edward to help deal with how I felt about myself and past trauma i’d recommend ThistleRose Holistics to everyone he has a lovely friendy manner and has changed my life for the better.

Mandy Little

I came to Clear Mind Borders for smoking cessation. The hypnosis session was fantastic. It appears to have been successful so far, as every time I've thought about smoking I am brought to a visualization brought up during the hypnosis and I no longer wish to smoke.

Jacquelyn D

Ed is a gifted hypnotist. I've used hypnotherapy as a tool to clear blocked ideas, patterns, traumas for years, and I've yet to come across someone with such a unique, precise way to address it. Paired with this well researched and in-depth knowledge of hypnotism and its history is Ed's ability to empathize, listen and truly conduct an intuitive session that is meant for the receiver. I feel lucky to have met Ed and delighted to know that I've found a new aspect of therapy and healing I have not tapped before. If you haven't done hypnotherapy, you won't regret starting with Ed because of his clear style and energetic pace.

Natalie LeRoy

Ed, just wanted to let you know that since my hypnosis session yesterday I am already feeling the benefits. I felt much calmer when presented with a difficult conversation this morning and where previously I would have let that affect me the whole day, I haven’t - I’m in control! The session itself was more relaxing than I imagined and I truly feel like I’m starting a new chapter as the strong, “kickass” women that’s always been there, but that has perhaps been hidden and forgotten over time. Thank you!!

Fiona Brown

I'm very happy to have had a very enlightening and interesting Past Life Regression session with Edward. This was the first time I'd tried PLR, although I'd been curious about it for years. Edward is an experienced counsellor and hypnotherapist and that was evident as he confidently led me into my subconscious and into unknown territory. I very much enjoyed delving into this treasure trove of information. It's my personal intuition that we tap into messages that are helpful to our present day life when we access this realm. Edward did a fantastic job of allowing me to spend the time that I wanted in each 'life', gently assisting me in exploring what each one held, whilst not getting too bogged down, as he tailors his guidance to your own level of interest to details. I'd definitely recommend Edward for PLR, and based on his professional, sensitive and affable personality, I would certainly consider him for his other counselling and hypnotherapy services too.

Louise Burrows

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