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Everything you could need to get losing weight and feeling great!! 

“I lost 3 stone in 3 months with this routine” - Gem from Northampton 


New weight loss and feel-good group has incredible results… AND saves you money!! 

With membership of our weight loss group you will receive:💜💪🏼💥
🌟 Personalised weight loss plan, giving you all the information that you’ll need to get losing, easily and quickly.
🌟 Cheat sheets - lists of foods that all make losing easier.
🌟Hypnosis tracks to recondition your mind to feel happier, sleep better, stress less and smile more, keeping you motivated and positive while you walk your journey.
🌟50% off any and all counselling, life coaching, hypnotherapy sessions booked. 
🌟Weekly group calls, to chat tactics, share your hurdles and find that extra push from your fellow members.
🌟FREE 1-1 coaching, ongoing support for your nutritional and motivational needs.
🌟Free access to weekly meditation, sleep support etc classes. 
🌟Daily motivation, challenges, pep talks, peer support!!

💥Much MUCH MORE!!! 

(And all for less than the price of a family takeaway!)
What on earth are you waiting for? The banter alone makes it worth coming on board! 😁

For just £25 you can receive these results… all testimonials are from group members!!💥

You will become sub-consciously aware of losing weight…  

💥 Testimonial - “I would just like to say that having met Edward & starting on my weight loss journey is the best thing I have done in a long time. Edward is so supportive 24/7, always there with sound advice. The support group is amazing, everyone is so friendly & no one ‘judges’ if one is struggling. For the first time ever on my weight loss journey (it’s been a long road) I feel relaxed & comfortable with it. No pressure at all - I have thrown that big stick away that I was always beating myself up with in the past for not being perfect. Thank you Edward”

- Sally  - Scottish Borders 

💥 Testimonial -  “This group is so amazing and helping me so much and Edward’s help so thank you so much” 

- Carol - Berwickshire

💥 Testimonial - “I find the group so wonderful it lets us ask questions if we have a wobble, it’s so supportive as we are all in it together!! We can see the progress or the struggles and I think it’s so great being able to congratulate people on their healthier happier choices when they are getting to where they want to be, I find that encouraging for my own journey too.”

- Kay - Northumberland 

💥 Testimonial - “Edward, just wanted to let you know about my successes over the last 2.5 weeks. Whilst not quite reaching my very short term goal (although almost there) I have lost 9.5lbs in that time and totally changed my approach to food… Still a way to go but I know I’ll get there. The support group is priceless: could not have done this without theirs or your help. Thank you! 😁”

- Fiona - Scottish Borders 

💥 Testimonial - “4 weeks down 17lbs and 12 inches dropped a dress size plus more got so much information from Edward…

Cheers Edward Addison”

- Ellen - Edinburgh 

💥 Testimonial - “Edward you are a star! I genuinely did not believe that I would be able to lose any weight as I had tried various methods many times... Thank you for giving me the support and inspiration. Onwards and upwards 😄”

- Wendy - Northumberland 

💥 Testimonial - “ 1 week ago today I contacted Edward after I seen a friend tagged in a post from him. I contacted her and she told me a little. Honestly best message I've sent...1 week on and the difference in my energy levels, and mood is UNBELIEVABLE.  I've lost 5lbs so far as well. I could barely some days have the energy to walk round the block with the dogs, done 5k yesterday and 8k today before breakfast. The encouragement and support is without question, and no question is silly... looking forward to see the changes”

- Nichola - Berwickshire 

💥 Testimonial - “So after trying every fad diet going i was highly recommended to contact Edward Addison. I have been stuck at the same weight for years 10st 12lb.  I am buzzing today because i’m down to 10st 6lbs just over a week i started never been at this weight for years my target is 9st 12. Edward wrote me a plan and also got me to look at food differently. Amazing service”

- Nicola - Northumberland 

💥 Testimonial - “I saw Edward Addison a week ago for a wee chat and a tidy up of the baggage I've been keeping in my head! 

A few days later I realised I was automatically saying no thank you to chocolate and biscuits -I mean not even having one of those conversations with myself when you say no, then begin to justify why it'll be OK just this once! - It was Just a straight forward No thanks! 

I'm still feeling so motivated, so thanks Edward!  

If anyone is humming and haahing, stop! 

Just get in touch and enjoy the benefits- Losing weight being a big benefit😊 — feeling excited.”

- Fiona - East Lothian 

💥 Testimonial - “Can't thank Edward enough for the massive support and kick up the a##e that I needed to get back into healthy eating and back on my weight loss journey”

- Karen - Northumberland 

💥 Testimonial - “Can't thank this man enough for the help with weight loss.  I've tried so many diets and this is the first one that has truly helped me lose weight.  So if anyone is struggling out there get in touch with him and see how he can help you. I can't praise him enough.”

- Anon 

💥 Testimonial - “So today feels like a huge milestone. Finally got under 17st for the first time in 3.5 years. After years of yo-yo fasting/binging and feeling like a complete failure and totally useless, i can finally forgive myself and start a more positive sustainable future. Huge shout out and thanks to Ed for all his help and advice, dont think i could have done it without him.”

- Karen - Scottish Borders

“25.5 pounds lost… so far!” - Diane 

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